NAK Business Solutions

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Finding Strength in Numbers



Our bookkeeping services allow you to focus on what makes you money and provides you with data to make business-critical decisions.



Let us worry about the complex tax code and it’s yearly changes. We can optimize your taxes in an efficient and productive manner.



With over 20 years of experience owning and operating companies, we can guide you from an owners’s perspective to help your business prosper.

Who Are Our Services For?

Business owners who:

  • Are worried or stressed
  • Have out of control paperwork
  • Are buried in receipts
  • Have trouble getting invoices out on time
  • Are losing track of bills
  • Are nervous about tax season
  • Are looking to grow their business
  • Need help pinning down key performace indicators
  • Wonder how to measure monthly business performance
  • Are trying to understand their margins
  • Need to identify and track their business’s critical numbers

Focus on What Earns You Money, Not on Paperwork!

Our years of experience operating businesses enables us to review data from an owner’s perspective. Let us help you get control of your finances, so that money can quit controlling you and your business.


I would highly recommend NAK Business Solutions for any small business owner.  Kim has been an integral part to the growth and success of my business.  Kim has not only saved me money but provides unlimited advice and piece of mind for me feeling confident the business operations are in order.

Brant Humphrey

5 stars because more aren’t available. Great people and very knowledgeable. I’m glad I was able to get with them and look forward to a continued relationship with Kim and Nicki. They have helped me and my business move forward even with the current business landscape. I can’t thank them enough.

Gard Bell